Why does the tracking page say that my order has been delivered when it hasn't been?

Please refer to the following checklist to resolve this issue:

  1. Double check the shipping confirmation email to verify that the order was indeed sent to the correct address. 
  2. Check the tracking page to see if there is any information as to where the package was left, such as in a mailbox, parcel locker, or with a front desk worker. 
  3. Ask your immediate neighbors if your mail was mistakenly dropped off with them recently.
  4. Wait several days. Sometimes the postal worker will mark a package as delivered before they actually deliver it. 
  5. Contact your local post office. Provide them with the shipment's tracking number, explain that it was not delivered to your knowledge, and inquire about its status. 

If you have attempted all of the above and still cannot locate the package, then please reach out to us.

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