What shipping options are the fastest and most reliable?

We have observed for non-US customers that DHL and UPS are generally far more reliable and faster than USPS shipping. The way USPS operates is that it will hand off the package to your country's national mail carrier to complete the shipment and delivery.  After the package arrives in the destination country, it is tendered to the national postal carrier of that country (i.e., whichever entity is responsible for official mail in the country), and they will complete the delivery in the way that they usually deliver mail. The reliability of this service is highly variable depending on your country, so if your experience is that your local mail service is subpar, slow, or otherwise unreliable, then we strongly advise that you NOT use this option. Please also note that in terms of shipment tracking, DHL and UPS will provide end to end tracking updates irrespective of country, while certain countries do not have an arrangement to share tracking information with USPS.

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