Why has my order not been shipped/fulfilled yet?

Please note that this article pertains to orders which have NOT been shipped out yet, and are marked as "Unfulfilled" under your account's order history. For orders that have been shipped out and are in transit, please view the shipping category within this section instead.

Before contacting us to inquire why your order has not been fulfilled, please read the below to see if any of the following points answer your question.

  • We typically only ship out orders on business days Monday-Friday 9AM-4PM EST. Therefore, if you place an order on a weekend, or after business hours on Friday, it will not be shipped until the following Monday.
  • If you order contains any custom items, that will result in your entire order taking longer to ship than usual. Please allow up to 10 business days for an order with a custom cube to be shipped. Please note that the reason for this is that all items within a single order are shipped at once, so if your order contains a mix of non-custom products as well as custom products, the non-custom products will be effectively held up until the custom product is ready. This issue can be averted by placing separate orders.
  • The same policy as stated above applies towards orders containing pre-order items. If you are looking to purchase both pre-order items and non pre-order items at the same time and would like to receive your products as quickly as possible, the non pre-order items should be ordered separately from the pre-order items.
  • It is possible that your order has in fact already been shipped, and you did not receive the confirmation email because you entered the incorrect email during checkout, or placed it under another account. The shipping confirmation email is always sent to the same email address as the order confirmation email. Therefore, if you did not receive an order confirmation email, then you will not receive a shipping confirmation.
  • It is possible although generally unlikely that the reason for a significant delay in your order being fulfilled is that one or more of the items in your order has gone of out stock. We take measures to prevent customers from even ordering items that we do not have ready to go out immediately, but sometimes mistakes do happen. In this case, we will typically reach out to you first to inform you of the delay, or even just ship out the items that we do have ready to go. 

If you do not have any custom or pre-order items in your order, and it's been more than 2 business days since your order was placed with no shipping confirmation or update from our end, then please send us an email with your order number so that we may investigate. 

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