How do I become a Cubicle Brand Ambassador?

Cubicle Brand Ambassadors

The Cubicle assigns Brand Ambassadors across Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook to help with brand awareness. Brand Ambassadors usually receive new items from time to time in order to produce sponsored content across the previously mentioned outlets. If you would like to become a brand ambassador for The Cubicle, please review the requirements below and contact us if you qualify. 

Our requirements are as follows.

  • At least 2000 followers on at least one of the previously mentioned outlets
  • Consistent posting schedule or at least frequent posting.
  • A positive, outgoing, and charismatic persona in your social media outlet of choice 
  • Proper engagement of their audience as well as understanding their audience as a whole
  • A good mix of content to prevent a stagnant following experience.
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