How do I become a Cubicle Tester

The Cubicle Tester Program

The Cubicle sponsors a group of dedicated testers mainly on YouTube. These cubers are highly qualified, opinionated people who will review newly released products. We value the opinions of these cubers to get a better understanding on the product as well as promoting the product for consumers around the world.

Our current requirements for this position are listed below.

  • Uploads on a consistent schedule or at least very frequently
  • Around 2000 to 5000 subscribers. The more subscribers, the more you are prioritized when we have a limited number of tester products
  • Actively engages their audience in the comments and with their overall content
  • Must have exceptional quality in their video production as well as what is in the video themselves.
  • Honest, despite obviously being sponsored, content.

If you're interested in becomes a YouTube tester for The Cubicle and fit with our requirement, please reach out to with YouTube channel link. We will work on verification and assessments should your channel be a right fit for us!

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