How do Speedsolving Sponsorships Work?

The Cubicle Sponsorship Program

The Cubicle sponsors a team of competitive speedcubers called Team Cubicle. Team Cubicle is comprised of leading, elite speedcubers and popular media producers. The Cubicle is always looking for new talent to bring onto the team. However keep in mind that you will be against the best speedcubers in the world. 

We mainly reach out to already established cubers, but we more often than not miss out on some people so we accept applications to see if you are fit.

How do I apply

If you believe you have what it takes to be part of Team Cubicle, you are welcome to contact us and our team will assess and evaluate your qualifications and get back to you if you’re a fit. The benefits you get from being on Team Cubicle will be based on your ability and should be discussed when you contact us.

When reaching out, we hope that you can provide us with the following information to get a better idea on how you fit into the Team

  • WCA ID
  • About how many competitions do you attend per year
  • Social Media Outlets
  • YouTube Channel
  • Expectations From The Cubicle

Please note that due to recent organizational changes within the company, management has placed stricter qualifications for sponsorship. Due to this, we are not looking to add sponsorees outside of exceptional cases. We are currently looking for cubers who have more than just a successful cubing career; they must be well renowned in social media platforms primarily, YouTube and Instagram. 

That being said, if you feel like you are an exceptional case, please link us the social media platforms you use, your WCA page, and your personal expectations from us as a company. Please keep in mind that the qualifications are extremely strict, and hope for your understanding in the matter.

The Cubicle will contact you if we feel like the application and your qualifications are up to our standard. The Cubicle is not obligated to respond to applications that do not meet qualifications or if the application is not up to our standards.

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