Club Discounts And Services

How Do I Qualify?

The Cubicle is proud to help clubs around the world by offering an exclusive 15% for education based clubs and educational services. If you're interested in getting a club order started, reach out to with the following details about your club or service to see if you qualify.

  • Name Of The Club
  • Number of Members
  • Any Events You are Planning
  • The institution hosting your Club

What Additional Services Can Be Provided For The Club?

If your club is running a WCA competition, The Cubicle can offer priority sponsorship for the competition that your club is running. This usually means, that we will provide prizes and promotional goods sooner than most other competitions we sponsor. 

If you are need of fundraising products, The Cubicle can also offer products at wholesale pricing with the intent of resale for your club.  

If you are need of educational materials for your club to teach new members about cubing, The Cubicle can work with you to develop a curriculum for your club members in an easy-to-digest, beginner oriented environment for little to no cost for your club.

If you are a local school within a few hours of The Cubicle's main office in Elmsford, NY, we may be able to provide workshops and talks to your club. Please contact for details.

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