Why is the tracking info for my order stuck or not updating?

There are several reasons for the tracking information to not update or show any progress. Here are the most common reasons: 

  • USPS: USPS sometimes forgets to scan the package into their system, even though they have physically picked up it up already. This is NOT a cause for concern -- the package is likely moving along normally, but it just won't be fully trackable until it is near the delivery date or scanned in later. In this case, the status of the shipment will simply show up as "Pre-Shipment". If the status of a USPS shipment has progressed beyond the "Pre-Shipment" stage, but has not updated in three business days, it is possible that it is stuck in transit somewhere. Please send us an email in this case so that we may investigate the matter.
  • International Shipments: For international orders, packages destined for certain countries cannot be tracked once they leave the USA. The last tracking update will reveal the location of the package to be at an international airport within the US, such as Jamaica, NY. The package will still be on its way to the destination, but the tracking will not update update anymore because there hasn't yet been an arrangement to share tracking information with the USPS from the destination country. 
  • Envelope order: If your order consists of items that we can ship using a flat envelope, please be advised that there may be no tracking information.

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