How do I Complain About a Sponsoree?

The Cubicle's Stance On Team Cubicle Members

The Cubicle prides itself on our representatives, and the people that we choose to sponsor. If you feel like they have stepped out of line and have complaints about any of our Team Cubicle members, please contact with as much detail as possible. When complaining about a Team Cubicle member, please keep in mind the following:

  • While we sponsor the individual, we do not have complete control over the individual and their actions are their own. We respect their rights and freedoms, but if you feel like they are taking advantage of their position and causing issues due to their status, we urge you to contact us immediately.
  • While The Cubicle encourages social interactions with fans and other cubers,  The Cubicle also respects the individual's rights to not interact interact in any capacity especially during high stress situations. They are not obligated to speak, interact, sign memorabilia, etc. but they are encouraged to do so. 
  • The Cubicle has a zero tolerance policy on criminal behavior. If you witness any criminal behavior from a Team Cubicle member, please contact us immediately with credible proof so we can take the necessary actions.

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