Will I be responsible for paying customs or other import fees on my order?

This article is only relevant to orders destined for countries other than the United States and US Territories.

Some customers based outside of the US may be subject to additional fees as stipulated by their country's customs and import policies. The Cubicle has no control or influence over this, and we are required by law to accurately declare both the contents as well as the values of goods to customs authorities.  We therefore strongly advise our international customers to look into their local customs policies before placing an order with us so as to avoid any surprises, as they assume all responsibility for paying any such import fees. If you as a customer choose to refuse an imported shipment because you are unwilling or unable to pay the fees, we will not issue to you a refund unless you route the shipment back to us. In that case, we will issue a reimbursement once we receive the return, but will deduct from that the cost of shipping as well as the return shipping (in the event that it was billed to our account). Depending on how long the merchandise was in transit or held up by customs, we may also have to assess a restocking fee.

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