How Do I Get Replacement Parts?

How Do I Get Replacement Parts?

In the event that you need replacement parts for your puzzle, The Cubicle offers replacement parts for a variety of puzzles. 

  • Please contact The Cubicle's support email ( with a replacement part request.
  • You will need to provide a photo of where the piece needs to go onto the cube or a picture of a similar piece or the broken piece itself. We also appreciate details on the piece. Details can include the following:
    • Model of the Cube (for example - MoYu Weilong WR M) 
    • The piece is easily addressable (Corner, edge, center, center cap, core, screw, spring, etc)
    • Is it magnetic (if the model comes in both magnetic or non-magnetic version)?
    • The variant of the puzzle 
      • Is the Puzzle stickered? If so, what plastic color?
      • Is the puzzle stickerless? If so, what version of stickerless if there are multiple variations?
    • The color of the piece that you need
      • If stickered, the sticker color (EXAMPLE - black corner with red/white/blue stickers)
      • If stickerless, the color on the piece (EXAMPLE - stickerless corner with red/white/blue)
  • Sit back and wait! Our team will then see if the piece is available and write back to you in regards to availability and as well as a quote for the piece if available.

Shipping Replacement Pieces

If you need the piece straight away, you may opt to get the replacement piece shipped by itself, but may incur additional shipping fees which vary from request to request. 

We urge customers to include the replacement piece with their future order. Our service staff will send over an invoice for the piece regardless of whether or not you want it by itself or with a future order and will be processed accordingly.

If you have a currently pending order and are in need of replacement parts, our staff will attempt to intercept the package and include the replacement with that order however it is not guaranteed. Due to this it is always advised that you pay replacement part invoices first prior to placing your next order should you want the replacement to be included with your next order.

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