Wholesale Requirements


Wholesaling with The Cubicle puts you in direct contact with a representative who will work with you to get all the products you need. We do require the following information to see if you qualify for wholesale.

  • Which Business, School or Institution are you purchasing for? If you are operating online, we would appreciate a link to your store. If you are purchasing for yourself, then there's  no need to answer this.
  • The Billing and Shipping addresses for your wholesale purchase so we can see if we are able to ship products to you.
  • Please let us know if you operate more than 5 physical locations.

Resale Requirements

The Cubicle does not allow for renaming of any Cubicle Product. If the customer is opting to bottle the lube themselves, they may opt to label the product however they please as long as it features the original name of the product.

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