How do I modify an order I have already placed?


If you would like a make a change to your order, you must inform us as soon as you can by submitting a request through the form found at the above link. We strive to ship out orders as quickly as possible after they are placed, and that typically only leaves a small window for adjustments to be made. Please note that as a result of our rapid fulfillment times, not all order alteration/cancellation requests can be honored. The sooner you put a request in, the greater the likelihood we can make the change for you.

The following change requests can generally be honored, provided you put the request in soon enough after the order was placed (through the form found at the link at the top of this article).

  1. Updating the shipment address (within the same country)
  2. Removing and refunding items from the order
  3. Adding items to the order
  4. Exchanging items in the order with different products
  5. Changing the color/size of an item you ordered, such as from Black to Stickerless
  6. Cancelling the order
  7. Downgrading the shipping method

However, there are several aspects of your order which usually cannot be adjusted after the order has been placed..

  1. Updating the shipping address to that of another country
  2. Updating the billing address
  3. Changing the payment method
  4. Upgrading the shipping method

Please note that in the case of orders containing Custom goods, we may or may not be able to refund/cancel them or change their specifications, depending on whether or not work has yet begun on them. As always, it is best to contact us as soon as possible (through the form found at the top of this article) if you would like to request that some change be made. 

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